01 January 2014

Desktop Calendar - January 2014

Happy New Year

What could be a better way to start 2014 than adding my January 2014 calendar image to your desktop!?

This month it's a photo of a Chaffinch that I took in January 2013 during a short walk in the snow.

Chaffinch photo for your desktop

1) To ensure that you get the best quality, click the photo so that lightbox opens the image.
2) Right-click the image so that the context menu appears:
Firefox: Select "Set as Desktop Background..." and choose from the position options as below (Center or Fit will generally provide the best look).

Options from Firefox
Internet Explorer: Select "Set as Background". To change position settings you will need to set the personalise settings for the desktop in Control Panel:
Control Panel settings
Mac OS10.6.8
Chrome: Command click on photo (above); it opens in a new Tab. Drag to desktop. Use "Desktop & Screensaver" in System Preferences to center and choose background color.

To Hollis, over at In the Company of Plants and Rocks, for the Mac instructions.
To Jessica Burke from Moss Plants and More for such the idea.

Note: If anyone uses other Operating Systems and could let me know the instructions for applying the photo as a desktop image, please get in touch!


  1. Gorgeous background! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Holly, thanks for stopping by. Glad you like it!

  2. wonderful, Tim -- the photo and the message. Best wishes in 2014.

    1. Thanks, Hollis. Best wishes for 2014 to you as well.

  3. Hi Tim! Happy New Year!
    This picture is amazing! And looks so professional!
    I love birds, so will be using it on my computer :)
    I hope you and Lucy are well.
    Tati xx

    1. Happy New Year, Tati. I hope it's a great year for you both. It's lovely to know that you'll be using it on your computer - thank you :)

  4. Hi Tim, have just seen your February post and had a rummage through previous months. I think these are a great idea ! I love the inspiring quotes, and the beautiful photos to match. Will enjoy seeing them each month :)


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