19 November 2012

Frog Spawn; Part the Second

Once upon a time I wrote a blog post about frog spawn. I'd never seen it - ever - in real life, but this year managed to not only see it, but follow the journey from frog spawn to froglet that these amphibians make.

It was interesting to see how developed the tadpoles become within the spawn.
Lots of tadpoles where hiding from predators in the grassy shallows of the pond.
By mid-June the majority of the development was done. This froglet has just a small amount of tadpole tail left, but other than that it is a frog.


  1. I'm really happy to see you back posting Tim :) Your presence on Blogger has been missed. Much love xx

  2. Thanks Suz, that's really nice of you to say. x


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